Wednesday, August 19, 2009

for sale.... as is.

If I were to write the introduction that Carrie is usually seen typing on her Mac in the first scene of many Sex and the City episodes, it may read a little something like this....

I've been thinking of what my personal ad would say, should I write one. I'm not by any means saying that I'm going to put one out there, or that I've considered signing up for a dating website, because that's just crazy. What would I say about myself? What first impression would I want to give my possible significant other?

"single, white, female. Ginger. 22. Mother. Never married."

That itself kind of implys that I'm either crazy or I've been through some tough shit. Or a combination of the two.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized something more creative would suit me better...

"heart for sale. As is. SWF, 22, ginger, mother. One of a kind."

What does "as is" imply? That means I'm not going to fix anything about myself for another person. Should I decide to make changes myself after finding someone, I'll do it. But it could also mean that it's cheap and could break down at any moment.... I won't go into any more examples dealing with cars because honestly, I don't know any.

Furniture stores seem to have more examples that apply to the situation a little better. They have scratch and debt sales.... Prices get knocked down because someone accidently damages it in a small or big way. Okay, sometimes a cruel person will do it on purpose to knock the price down themselves. Boo to them. Seriously. Not cool.

But you see where I'm going with this.... When something is damaged, it's easier to lower the price to it sold. But sometimes when it's been through a lot, when it's older and has had some experience it's worth more. The water rings from cups being placed on them when there were no coasters, the dents and marks from being moved from house to house, or from people digging whatever into it or putting their feet on the edhe .... Bla bla bla. Any damage that it may see in it's existance gives it character. It means more to the person who actually owns it and it becomes priceless. The memories sometimes imprinted on the surfaces.... Someone may not notice each individual scratch and dent, but overall those damages that would knock down the price make it priceless. Gives it character. Makes it beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all...

So the key is to find someone who wants the scratches and dents. Who understands their beauty and importance. Someone who understands that they are there for a reason and they don't try to wear the surface down or buff the imperfections out.

I bet you didn't see me going that deep into some analogy dealing with furniture, did you? Totally caught you off guard. That's just how awesome I am. I'm not wearing anything hip or fancy, and I'm not writing in NYC, much less on a computer. But that had a little SATC in it if you ask me. Then again, it was another 12 hour day at my new awesome job. And I am very sleepy. I just wanted to write it out while it still made sense to me.

My job is awesome. My baby is beautiful. And I'm sleepy. I'll write more soon. Hugs and kisses.

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hmsgofita said...

Awesome! Glad you are loving your new job! Very creative outlook using the furniture analogy! So true, so true!