Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the crackberry...

I love my new phone! I got a blackberry a month ago and haven't really played with it much. Lucky lucky you, and me! I can now blog from my phone! How amazing is that!? Look at me, being all advanced and futuristic. Best idea ever.

The world is a crazy place. I've taken to watching the news lately and I can't believe the things I see. We won't get into it now, but people are stupid and crazy. It's depressing.

Tegan slept in her crib for 6 whole hours last night! Straight! She's getting so big. Every day is a new adventure with this little one. The more people meet her, the more I hear about how lucky I am and how amazing she is. She's smart. She's beautiful. And most importantly, she's healthy and happy. She rolls over both ways now, and sometimes will keep rolling until something gets in her way. Then she starts screaming until she can figure out she can roll back the other direction. She's even started a little bit of an inchworm thing where she sticks her butt up in the air to scoot her self towards her toys. I am totally amazed at how fast she's learning and how big of a personality she has already. And she's a little over four months old. I have a feeling I'm going to be chasing her around pretty soon.

She had her first bit of rice cereal today. With apple sauce and breast milk. What a breakfast! She's sleeping with a full yummy un my arms as I write on my space phone.

She is a thumb sucker for sure. It just took some time for her to find it. She refuses to take a bink, but loves her teething ring or anything else she can get into her mouth for that matter. Ha ha last night, I was playing with her with a Pooh stuffed animal, moving it around and making funny voices with it. She giggled like crazy.

There are so many features on this thing that I never thought I would use. Like a password keeper and google chat. But I find uses for everything on this addictive gadget every day. Speaking of google chat.... Randomly, not knowing I was signed into google chat, I started getting messages from a certain someone. I'm not entirely sure what to think about it. It's been happening for a couple months, off and on. We exchange pictures, keep each other updated, and talk about good memories. It feels good. And every time we say goodbye, I expect never to hear from him again, but am happy to know he is doing so well. I laugh out loud at the things we talk about and how similar our senses of humor are. A girl I work with actually knew said person and after working together one day, said she could see is being together. To make things even crazier, that day I had listened to the radio for the first time in forever and three songs we deemed as our own played one after another on my way to work after I had woken up from a dream that my daughter was chasing him around the backyard of his old house with a squirt gun. Who knows what will happen. I'm just happy to be alive now even though it's taking time for things to go my way. And yes, that whole last paragraph was about good ol' Brown Boot. He's not being as sneaky with his hauntings these days.

The nurses and CNAs on my floor are rooting for me on the sidelines! It gives a lot of encouragement on my end and it's so nice to know that they want me there. We'll see where that goes... Fingers crossed. There may be a chance for me afterall.

Medical update.... I had a CT and xray on Friday. We're not really sure what's going on yet, but it's causing a lot of pain. I went in again yesterday, and they did some bloodwork. Something about my sternum being swollen, the lining of my lungs being inflamed and a 3mm something in my right lung, and cartilage in different parts of my body becoming inflamed as well. Awesome. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated with that as well. It's been fun. The doctor called.... And my bloodwork came back normal. That's good news.

Well, baby is awake now. And it's time to be productive. Thanks for the support!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the good, the bad, and the whatever.

We went to the doctor today. Not always the best experience. Tegan will be 18 weeks on Friday, and she is doing everything early. She was born two weeks early, her umbilical chord stump fell off a week early, and now she's doing everything else early too! Babies usually roll over at around six months, but she's been rolling for a couple weeks already. Which means she'll be crawling and walking early too. Time really does fly. She is so smart! She talks all the time. And she knows how to grab things. Like her toys, my hair, and my thumbs whenever I try to text when I hold her. The doctor is amazed every time with how healthy she is and how quickly she's developing. She is really the light of my world right now, and I would not give her up for anything. And she is worth all the drama that I've gone through that actually put me where I am today... and all the other drama I'm going through now!

At the doctor's today she got her shots updated. She did okay at the office... they poked her, and she cried, and I almost punched them.... But she was okay and smiling after about 30 seconds. She slept most of the day when we got home, but when she was awake she was crying like no other. It's been insanely difficult to see her in pain and not be able to do anything about it. But I know worse things are going to happen as she gets older, and I'll still hold her helplessly while she cries.

In other news....

Work kinda sucks. I love working in the hospital, and would love to do nursing. But this housekeeping stuff has got to go. I am literally cleaning up other people's shit. Do you call that a good time? Nursing isn't always pretty, but that would really make me feel like I'm helping people. Don't get me wrong... hospitals need to be cleaned. They can get really gross. But that's not helping people the way I want to. It's so hard to have my CNA license and not be able to use it. A job opened up on the floor that I love working on. But sadly, I probably won't get the position because a girl that worked there a year ago applied to work there again. And they really like her. You never know though. It just gets really tiring to feel like I get the short end of the stick all the time.... And whoever keeps handing me the short end of the stick thinks it's really funny to shake it as hard as they can while I try to hold on for dear life. It's not fun anymore. And I feel like my managers don't listen to me like they should. I feel totally disposable.

It will be so worth it once I actually start taking my nursing classes and get headed further in that direction. I'm going to stick it out until I get where I want to be. Waiting sucks though.

In other bad news... haha, not funny. Anyway, Mike and I broke up. Which was really hard. He and I had been off and on for a few years, and I will always love him. In fact, he is still one of my best friends. For a while, I couldn't see myself being with anyone else. I was trying on wedding dresses and getting different ideas together for our wedding. And then something clicked.... I realized that he wasn't who I was supposed to be with. That there was someone so much better for both of us. I tried to keep seeing a future with him, and it just wasn't there. I pictured it a million different ways and he wasn't in any part of it. Which made me really sad. I was devastated. I don't think he understood how hard it was for me to break it off with him. But keeping him would have been selfish. If there was someone out there that could love him more than I could, I wanted him to be able to have that chance, and if he was with me, it wouldn't have happened. With me he would have been miserable.

I've been trying to get Tegan to sleep in her crib at night. It doesn't go very well all the time. And the only times I can really do it are the nights when I don't have to work the next day. One step at a time. Baby steps if you will. Being a mommy is one of the best things ever. It's so hard and easy and exciting at the same time.... and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I've been painting the nursery. It's been so fun! It's all classic Winnie the Pooh. I'm about half way done. If you want to see pictures of that it's on my Facebook.

Anyway.... I promise I'll have more good news next time. I just thought it would be good to get everything out there and caught up.