Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bad Blogger Mandy!

So... I've been terrible. I got all excited about writing about my delivery and all that stuff. Then I left an awesome cliffhanger, and then left it hanging for about.... three months. It's kinda like I threw a season finale out there... Grey's was crazy, by the way. Well, season premiere! Here you go. It's not going to be too awesome because the baby is asleep and I'm not sure how long her nap will last. I've been trying to paint the nursery when she's asleep, but I decided it was time to write again..... Pictures of that to come ASAP

Tegan will be 4 months on Friday. I still can't believe it. I'm in total shock to be a mommy in the first place, and she's already cooing and rolling over. I blink my eyes and time is gone.

My friend made it to my delivery! I had a full house. My friend Chelsea, my brother, my mom, my dad, my neighbor, my sister in law, and my boyfriend at the time.... and the staff. People think I'm crazy, but after 12 hours of labor, I didn't care who was in the room. I told anyone with a weak tummy to get out. And everyone stayed.

Mike, the boyfriend, almost passed out a couple times. But he did okay! He made it through the entire thing. My sister in law and friend were taking pictures, and my brother ran around with the camera for a little bit. He helped with nursing duties too! He's in nursing school right now and they let him assist a little bit. That was pretty cool. He and his wife are expecting a little girl, but they didn't tell anyone until a little while after the buzz of Tegan being born had worn off so they wouldn't steal my thunder. Always an amazing family.

Chelsea brought "Now and Then" which is our movie. We've watched it every year on her birthday since we were kids. And now she's getting married in July, and I have a baby. Time flies and everyone grows up. We watched the movie after I watched Grey's and Private practice. I don't remember much of what happened in either episode... I was dealing with contractions the entire time. Happy day.

As soon as they let me, I got the epidural. I'm glad I did, because once the doctor came in and broke my water, the contractions got so bad! And it was about the time the epi started working. Thank god.

And now Tegan is awake... I'll try to write more later and keep this updated a little later. If she goes for another nap.

Peace, love, and awesomeness!