Tuesday, December 9, 2008

stupid baby daddy drama


Apparently there are some things that I need to clear up... still. Which is really starting to bug me.

I got pregnant in May, about the time I started working at Bad Ass Coffee - still one of the best coffee houses ever, fyi. Pregnancy is 40-41 weeks, or about ten months. No joke. I'm due towards the end of February. The only person I have been with since, like, December is KJ who is the father. We were together, up until I moved back to Utah on the Fourth of July.

Now I didn't move because I was pregnant. I booked the ticket, and then found out two weeks after everything was already rolling that I was pregnant. I was packing up my stuff and found a pregnancy test in my bathroom things and took it. Then took a couple more just to make sure. Then I went to the doctor that Monday and they confirmed it. I still left the Friday after that.

The most recent rumor that I've heard, is that I didn't get pregnant until I moved back to Utah when I supposedly slept with an ex boyfriend. As you can see from the information above, it would be totally impossible for the baby to be anyone else's. Not only have I not been with anyone else, mathematically it would be totally impossible. For it to be even close to true, the baby would be born sometime in May, and not at the end of February... and it would also require me sleeping with someone else.

I don't know exactly who started this, but it's stupid. Someone told me that the father, KJ, started telling everyone that it's not his and that I wasn't pregnant when I left. I call total and complete bull shit on this one kids. Sorry to break your hearts. I don't know if he is denying it, or what he's said to other people. But it has to be his. And no, I didn't do it on purpose either. Why would I get pregnant and then leave???

I don't feel sexy enough to be sleeping around with ANYONE! My belly is getting bigger, I'm extremely uncomfortable all the time, and I'm working a lot. Plus, I'm pretty sure no one is interested in me like that right now...

So please, leave my poor little unborn daughter out of this stupid drama. She didn't do anything to deserve this, and she has no idea it's going on in the first place. Somebody is lying, and it's not me. There are a million ways you can check your facts. If you have any questions about what's going on, ask me instead of asking other people. You'll probably get the most correct information from the person it involves instead of getting it from somewhere else.

Please and thank you!

On other notes, things are moving smoothly and she's kicking like mad. I thought I was possibly going to be a week late, but I may end up being early! I'll keep peoples updated as new info comes around.

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