Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hospitals have amazing ice...

And our story continues... It was a lot easier to write with out constantly having a baby on my arm... So I apologize for the delay in postings.

My mom and I drove home from the doctor's office, which only happens to be a couple blocks from our house. She gave me permission to run home and grab a few things to make my situation a little more comfortable, and maybe some stuff to keep me entertained. Doc said it could possibly be a very long night.

We didn't say much on the drive home... Just ran over what we needed to grab. I remember repeating - "I'm having a baby. Tonight. In the morning. Sometime in the next 24 hours, I'm going to be a mommy and the baby is going to be in my arms and not in my belly causing me so much pain!"

My mom was nervous... I could tell. She kept looking at me and raising her eyebrows with that closed mouthed smile that gave her away. She only has that look when she's nervous, worried, or anxious.

It wasn't too scary.... For me anyway. As I made my phone calls and sent text messages, I was calm. I was freaking out on the inside. I wanted to explode. My emotions on the outside didn't even begin to match what was happening on the inside. I was all smiles and sunshine on the outside... Every person I talked to mentioned how calm I was...

"You're cool as a cucumber"
"You sound so calm... Like a summer's breeze."
"Aren't you freaking out? You don't sound nervous at all!"

My response to each comment? "I'm totally freaking out. I can't believe she's going to be here today! But I think I expected it to happen this weekend... And the calmer I am, the smoother things will go..."

My mom went upstairs to grab the things she needed and the dogs were barking like crazy. I felt bad that we had to leave them behind and I didn't get to spend time with them before we had to go... She would be staying with me as much as possible, so she grabbed pillows and blankets and some snacks... Things to keep her occupied. I already had most of my things packed, so I went over my list of what I needed to get... And the funny thing was, I didn't have some of the items I needed... Because I was planning on getting them after my doctor's appointment... Ha ha.

Books, movies, pillows, 5 pairs of pj pants, my iBook, my awesome "Kermit" slippers, socks, and a million different unnecessary items later, I threw everything in the back of the car. My phone was going crazy! I tried answering as much as possible and responding to everyone that I could...

My best friend in Oregon wanted to be there so badly, and she was the one person I couldn't get a hold of! I had, no joke, been talking to her the night before about how she was waiting by her phone like a nervous father for me to call and tell her it was time. She even thought about packing a bag in advance so she could hurry to the airport and try to make it before my baby was born. And here I was, going into the hospital. The doctor did say it was going to be a long night, but you never knew with pregnancy. Oregon was only a two hour plane ride away, and I still had to find her and see if she could even make it in the first place. I tried calling her, her fiancee, and her mom. No one answered.

And then my phone rang. Thank God! Or your chosen religious figure... It was her fiancee!

"Hey Amanda, what's up?" MaClain said, oh so casually.
"Where the hell is your fiancee?" I'm guessing he could tell by the sound of my voice that something was up. I was breathless, still running around and making sure I had everything I needed... With whatever liquid soaking through the pad I was wearing and my pants. I know... Super hot, right?
"Haha, why? Are you in labor?"
"Oh... wow... Uh... Not funny." He stopped laughing at once. "She's at work, I'll call her and we'll figure out how to get her there."
"Okay, awesome. Thank you so much!"

I hung up the phone and did one last check... I had sent text messages and called everyone that I could think of. The car was loaded with all kinds of fun things to keep me comfortable and occupied while I was in the hospital... And I was doing the best I could to keep everyone in the loop when they called or texted me.

I went down to the car and climbed in the passenger seat the best I could with my camera in hand. My mom finally finished everything she needed to do and we were on our way.

I decided to be overly cheesy, and had apparently seen way to many episodes of "A Baby Story" and decided that I needed to video everything. So, once I get my damn camera to work and upload videos like I want, I'll let that tell the rest of the story of our journey into the hospital... Just be patient.

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Nancy said...

Did your friend make it in time for the birth? I can't wait to meet baby Tegan! She looks adorable!