Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I < 3 Oregon

I got home from home today. It was so insanely difficult to leave, but my nonrefundable ticket kind of made me decide that I needed to come back.

I can't begin to express how much I miss it over there... When I put the stroller back in the car, sand spilled out everywhere. It didn't upset me. It made me homesick, and I hadn't even been off Oregon soil for 3 hours.

Cannon beach was amazing! The drive over there was beautiful. It was so green and fresh. I swear, every five minutes I would take a deep breath in and exhale, saying "I love this place."

I'm sure my friend got sick of hearing it, but I never got sick of feeling it or saying it. I never realized how gross and brown Utah is. The mountains are beautiful, but they don't seem to compare to the bridges, water, and trees that surround everywhere you go in Oregon.

The beach was amazing. It was cold. The air was full of mist, which only got stronger when you got closer to the beach. It made your skin tingle. It wasn't raining... It was mist. And I loved it. I loved the smell. I loved the freezing water. I loved the sand between my toes.

Tegan loved running around in the water. She loved every bit of the ocean experience. She had sand all over her hands and face, and refused to let me put food in her mouth. She had to grab it with her sandy little hands and shoving it in her mouth herself... covered in gritty dirty sand. It didn't seem to make any difference. She dove into the water (on accident) and loved it, until she turned into an ice cube.

I can't express how much those couple hours meant to me. I need more beach in my life. Not just any beach. Oregon beach.

That wasn't all I did up there.... My best friend is having a freaking baby! I know it shouldn't seem weird because I already have one... but it just makes me think of how far we've come even in the past couple years. I was in the house we used to play in. In the yard we got dirty in. Riding around places we used to play. It's so different, and still the same.

A baby. Chelsea is having a baby! A bouncing baby boy! We were kids and now we're having kids.

When I move, I am going to move here. This place. This place that makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. I want more. I want more of the people and the energy that I get from there.

Um... I'll post more later... it's been a long day... :)

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